Long time no see,

All aboard? The PLA are moving out, on their way to establishing a new homebase somewhere better suited for rapid deployment to your gamingtables. The range has been sold and I am no longer taking orders. All the best Col.Stone


Wow it's been so long.

I haven't updated this in ages because, really haven't had any news. I'm still here tho, and i'm going to try and get those figures i've posted moulded in a not too distant future, hopefully before my PLA becomes totally obsolete. Unfortunately i've realised that my postage included idea doesn't work any longer so from now on i'll have to charge the actual cost. :/


We need airsupport, or takeout,,

At least we have a radio to call for it now.
More previews, this time new figures from Ebob, one officer & a radio operator, lovely sculpts if i may say so myself.


Some conversions

"Loose" characters that i hope to get cast someday, going to try to add some more first..


They're back!

Taken up position at my new compound, reinforcements have arrived.
in other words, the PLA-squad is available again.
same deal as before.



Happy New Year

Hope you all get a lot of good games in 2011 =)

I hope to be able to add more figures & maybe something else to the range this year,
but more on that as it happens.

All the best


PLA painted by Dagenhameast.
Top job in my opinion.

(click the picture to enlarge)